mercoledì 9 novembre 2016


Some weeks and hundreds of miles have passed, but if I close my eyes I still can feel myself on the Bianchi Oltre XR4.

Between me and the concrete there she is, a pastel spot in the middle of the burnt colours in the Apulia countryside of mid-October. A bit of wind is blowing and I feel light on the rise that from Grottaglie leads me to the Villa Castelli crossroad. I don't need to push because I want to enjoy every single pedal stroke.
On the top of the Murgia, when the wind is at my back, I feel like a leaf landing among the vines, the pastures and the big holm oaks.
Time goes by quickly and it's already time to go back. Detaching my feet from the pedals is like waking up from a beautiful dream, like the ones that leave a smile on your face and let you face your day in a positive mood. Waking up and opening my eyes and finding myself cycling on my Bianchi Impulso is always awesome, makes me understand even more the beauty, the pleasure I was honoured with: a Bianchi Olter XR4, carbon c/Countervail frame (already tested on the Specialissima), Metron 5D handlebars by Vision, Zip Firecrest wheels, Sram Red and Tap gearshift,

surely a bicycle that not everybody can afford, pheraps a bicycle that not everybody deserve.

Thank you, Bianchi, Thank you CICLISPORT2000 BikeShop.

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